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We are more than an app, we are here to help you make great memories

We create hype for your venue...

Nite Rise gives users access to your venue and the parties, events, music or specials your venue is having, giving you full access to generate foot traffic to your venue within 48 hours. Users will be notified if enough friends are interested in your venue to also attend.

Full access to your followers...

Once a user follows your venue on Nite Rise, they will be notified of every activity you add on the system. Whether you are adding a new event or sending a general notice, your followers will be notified.

Engaging notifications to your followers...

Followers recieve notifications (both in app and push notifications) with any of your activity and provides them with a dashboard to go through and interact with what you have recently posted. This means that whatever you post is automatically recieved and engaged with by users on Nite Rise.

What can we do for your business?

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Users on Nite Rise will recieve all information about your venue and the parties, live music, drink specials or events you are having.

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With our 2 week upcoming feeds section and our convenient 48 hour swipe-by-party feature, we will increase foot traffic to your venue.

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Nite Rise engages with users friends and social groups. We will increase word of mouth for your venue as users are notified when enough of their friends are interested in your venue.

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We make it convenient and rewarding for users to follow venues. Your followers then have direct engagment with your venue. This engagement will notify the users friends which will result in automatic follower expansion.